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Austrian Brothel Protests Taxes with Free Sex

Published:  15 June 2015

An Austrian brothel has come up with an unusual way to protest tax authorities.

Owner Hermann Mueller, owner of Pascha, is offering customers free sex throughout the summer instead of paying what he says are punitive tax payments.

“First and foremost, it’s a protest against the tax authorities. I’m very interested to see how they will tax me. If there is no income, what taxes will they take? Maybe they have another idea on how to tax an income of zero. They’re very resourceful after all. “

Mueller intends to compensate the prostitutes out of his own pocket rather than pay the government 10,000 euros which is nearly $11,000. He also added that he has paid 5 million euros in taxes to Salzburg authorities in the last decade.

A local newspaper showed a picture of men lined out outside ready to take advantage of the services.

Some may question the morality of his plan, but you can bet that Mueller’s protests are bound to get lots of attention.

Salzburg’s tax office has yet to comment on the case.

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Adult FriendFinder Site HackedAdult Dating Site Hack Exposes Sexual Secrets of Millions

Published: 22 May 2015

Adult, one of the world’s biggest adult dating sites, had been compromised by hackers, revealing sensitive and personal information of nearly four million of its members. The information stolen by the hackers includes the member’s email addresses, dates of birth and even sexual preferences and fetishes.

Approximately 3.9 million members of Adult FriendFinder, including even those who had long quit the site are affected by the incident.

The exposed data of Adult FriendFinder’s members could be used to send virus mail or even identify potential blackmail targets to attack victims.

Adult FriendFinder is an adult dating site for people looking to find dates, swinger partners or groups, hookups, threesomes, sex communities and a variety of other alternative partners.

The company said they’re working closely with law enforcement and cyber forensics who are vigilantly dealing with the problem.

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