My Story

Hi, I’m Victoria De Villiers, a director, porn producer and publisher in the adult entertainment industry.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story.

My childhood was not all easy breezy. My family and I lived in a small housing project in a rough area in the Bronx. Yes, I was born and raised there. It’s the type of area where a lot of gunshots are fired at night all the time that people are so used to it, they carry on with life as usual.

I couldn’t imagine living like that anymore. All I wanted was to get out of the crazy town which has kept me prisoner for so long. Besides, I have always dreamed of the big life.

Young, naive and penniless, I decided to brave the storm and embark on a journey which I felt will be my gateway to a new life. I went to LA to follow my dreams and make a name for myself.

While in LA, I met Bianca, a stunning blonde porn star with gorgeous blue eyes. After hearing my story, she let me stay in her house and helped me find a job. I started as a cleaner on the very porn set that Bianca worked at. I made it a point to observe everything until I learned the ropes and started on publishing erotic novels. I then went on to do porn producing and directing.

Porn has always been tabooed by society and people have always assumed that it’s a bad thing, but the truth is, porn can be beneficial as it helps you explore your sexuality. It’s in fact an excellent education which helps you find out what you really like and what’s out there for you to discover.

My hope is for people to change their views about porn and that through the books I have published and the films I have directed and produced, they embrace the normalcy of the adult entertainment. There should be no shame in our intimate desires no matter how deviant they may be, and the more open we are about our sexual needs, the more we can begin to positively shape society’s views on sexuality.