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Sex Is Now Upmarket Like Never Before

Sex dreams and erotic yearnings are the life of fiction. We imagine ourselves with some classy whore and want to bring it to fruition. Escorts are pitching themselves on Twitter and on other forms of social media as potential dreams come true. Guys with one thing on their mind are paying out for a session with Miss Hotpants. Good looking girls are charging big bucks for the chance to fuck them. The question is whether professional escorts are providing a worthwhile experience for all that money? Does the reality ever live up to the dream?

Sex Is Now Upmarket Like Never Before

A bit like the market for fine wine, plenty of people buy expensive wines because they assume it must be better than anything cheaper. In quite a few cases they get it right, but there are also a large number of pricey misses and flops. I suppose it depends on what you are looking for in a sexual encounter. Heaps of blokes have never had anything but fakery in their lives, when it comes to meaningful sex. The oohs and aaahs have always been like most acting on American TV, barely believable.

Maybe they are married with children and their sex lives at home have all but petered out. They want something simple with no strings attached. They want a woman who puts out in exchange for cash. A dream girl in a high class setting with only one thing on her mind – pleasing her paying customer. Some upmarket pretend sex, with all the trimmings. It has to be pretend sex, because, ultimately sex is designed for procreation. Sex without love. Sex without trust. Sex with a lot of fake oohing and aaahing.

Sex is now upmarket like never before. A bit like upmarket living, it is an illusion, an expensive delusion really. The finest high class escorts stroking your member and singing your praises. Don’t fall in love with the mirage. Don’t let yourself feel too much, despite the fact that you are paying big bucks for this. Keep it cerebral soldier. Don’t make a complete fool of yourself my man. Where do you keep your dignity? Intimacy with a professional, that’s cool dude. Good loving. Shallow fucking. Pretend sex with a woman that you are paying for the pleasure. Lots of fake oohs and aaahs. Oh, Honey I am coming, yes I am, yes I am.